Kuala Lumpur – Part 1

I can’t believe I have already been in Asia for a full week. It somehow seems ages ago since I was in Norway, but at the same time I only just arrived. It always happens like that though, doesn’t it?

The last week has been jam-packed, but absolutely amazing. I arrived in KL after a long but luckily direct flight. It was my first time on Malaysian airlines and I am happy that even though I did not sleep, I wasn’t uncomfortable and antsy. Thank goodness as that can make for a looooong 12-14 hours in a plane. I did have to take a nap when I arrived despite my excitement so it was a later start to the day. I finally got organized and tried to sift through the jet lag induced clouds fogging up my head and soak in my surroundings. My family lives right across the park from the Petronas Towers in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Wow is an understatement. Pictures are one thing but I am still in awe every day I wake up here and look out the window.

I got the relaxation out of the way by kicking things off with a great massage. We met up with my uncle and the cousins afterwards for some Lebanese. I have been so deprived of good falafel! It was delicious and after soaking in some of the social life of KLCC we made our way home to relax and catch up as a family.

Day two continued with treatments – morning mani/pedi time before driving around to some different grocery stores. It was fun because we got to see some different areas of the city while collecting key supplies for the coming days. We just made it back home in time to catch our ride for our excursion. Our first stop was a ways out of the city in Selangor to see the monkeys. We were actually nervous at first since we thought they had all disappeared. We later found them all hiding in the trees and someone explained some wild dogs had scared them off. With the right combination of bananas, beans, and peanuts we were finally able to coax them down though. I kept saying I would probably be too nervous to let them climb on me and ended up with several monkeys crawling all over and loving it. They were so much nicer than any other monkeys I have been around though. Still dirty, but not aggressive or thieves (except of bananas 😉 ) It made for a lot of good laughs and photos and officially kicked off our copious amounts of selfies for the trip (separate album to come).


Monkey Selfie

We filled in some time having dinner by the river at a famous Chinese restaurant. I am so lucky the other niece visiting also has similar dietary restrictions. It was nice to have a partner in crime during all my crazy ordering. We still managed to get a ton of delicious food and filled up as the sun set behind us.

Now that it was dark, our next stop was to see the fireflies! We thought me might miss out as some serious lighting started in the distance. We decided to show up and evaluate the situation since you have to go out on the river. Luckily our driver took us to a location where you literally board the boat and are in the heart of the fireflies instead of needing to travel by boat for 20-30 minutes. We decided to board quickly and if the storm got closer we would turn around immediately. Luckily, we were in the clear and the views were stunning. I couldn’t really capture them, but there were millions!! Absolutely crazy and so peaceful. Definitely an amazing way to round out the night and glad we didn’t miss it. We drove home with plenty of giggles and good times and a day full of amazing memories.


Photo courtesy of Healthcare Tourism

The next day we hit the ground running (or driving). Just the kids and our new favorite driver Zu headed up to FRIM for some rainforest time. We walked through the forest as well as worked our way up to the canopy. It was fascinating and our guide was amazing pointing out all kinds of things. We were all really impressed with how much we learned and how much we could sweat in a couple of hours.

IMG_30591After some refreshments we caught up with Zu and he drove us over to Batu Caves. It is an amazing Hindu Temple with 272 steps up to the cave in which it is set. The interior was stunning but very difficult to capture, so I highly recommend you visit yourself. After more sweating and enjoyment, we made our way down to the car with a coconut in tow to rehydrate on the ride home.

We quickly regrouped as we had reservations for the family at the Sky bar which overlooks the twin towers. It was pretty crazy since another family friend also lives in Kuala Lumpur and was able to join us for the night. It is always fun to rendezvous in different places and was a blast to have all of us out, Petronas Towers in the background, sharing stories and drinks. We topped off the night by heading for dinner on the vibrant Jalan Alor. It is a street by day and at night, jam-packed with outdoor casual seating and tons of street food restaurants and carts. It was so fun to people watch and see yet another facet of the city.


View from the Skybar at sunset

We all crashed after another long day, me still adjusting (but loving) the full time heat. We also had some packing to do and an early day to come as we were off to Singapore for the weekend! More to come to come on that and eventually I will get through all the pics to post a full album…

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