Stop Over to Asia

Another stop-over but shorter this time in London. I had to stay overnight if I was going to use miles to get to Asia anyways so I pushed the first flight a little earlier to get to see a bit of the city. Unfortunately, I was delayed leaving Stavanger so I didn’t make it to a show, but it all worked out in its own way. After dropping my things off at the hostel – I chose Pride of Paddington again because it worked so well last time and is immediately off the express train from Heathrow – I headed out to Whole Foods! Of course.

After running my errands (I really did go because I needed supplies for India), I hit up the Westminster area for a little touring and filling in a hole in my split picture collection. It was too cold and damp for a split picture last time, so I was overdue.


I had a chance to head out to Roehampton to see my friend studying out there as well. We had a lovely catch up walking around the beautiful campus and then hanging out at a local pub for the evening.

I rounded off my less than 24 hours with a beautiful spring time walk through Hyde Park and the Kensington area (made even better with a morning coffee). All too quickly it was time to head back to the airport for my long but direct flight to Kuala Lumpur. More on my adventures in KL to come, but in the meantime the full album of my London Stop can be found here.

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