No better way to spend a “last day” then delays at the airport. Especially Sola Airport. At least if things get rough I am in the Duty Free zone. It’s not so bad initially, but there is no better way to kill some travel hype than walking through security to see a flight time update (aka delayed). Don’t get me wrong, I have endured much worse, this is no sleeping at the airport situation (although I might take a nap) but it is certainly anti climactic after the build up of end of semester, thorough packing, and last night’s outing. The good part is, even though I am boxed up and most affairs in order, this is just snakkes (talk to ya later) and not ha det (goodbye). It’s only 5 weeks and then I get to come back for a visit/dance workshop and see most people for what should be a crazy fun week. Sadly, not everyone will be around so with some friends, this week was in fact goodbye. I really hope we all cross paths again one day, but it is just so hard sometimes. Schedules, finances, life paths all pull us in different directions, but I guess that is what makes the time together so special too. Making friends across the globe is such a unique and wonderful experience and part of that is because you start to realize how temporary it all can be. I’m not trying to sound dramatic, I just mean it helps you take advantage and enjoy every moment. It helps you feel lucky. Something that I have started to see not only in my travels, but translate to the day to day. Appreciate everything – even when it makes you want to rip your hair out.

I know I am going to miss Norway a ton, and especially the fantastic friends I have made along the way. I’m glad my departure kind of comes in two parts because it hasn’t totally hit me yet. Although, I have a feeling it will be a lot like taking off a band-aid, whether you pull it off fast or slow, it still hurts like a you know what. In the meantime, I will be grateful that part one isn’t all that bad (including the airport delays). I get to stopover for the night in London today (I may or may not make it to a show depending on what time I arrive, and get to hang out with a friend either way). Then tomorrow I am off on a flight to Kuala Lumpur. I am so excited of course to go to a new place, but even more so to see my family!! I think I am most nervous that I feel like an old grandma these days and I haven’t been on a 14 hour flight since my Australia days. Two weeks in Malaysia is gonna wiz by and then I get to pop into India for 3 weeks working with the school/program I was with in 2010 (see here). I have tried to hide the news from certain contacts, so hopefully we can still keep it a surprise from the children. I can’t wait to see their faces 🙂

Guess it is about time for a coffee before I start rambling too much.

God sommer!! And hopefully I can stay on top of the updates!


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