on dying

I know a lot of you out there who have had to deal with the terrible situation of a sick pet. My new, but already dear friend, Hannah is trying to help her kitty have the most comfortable last days in an already stressful time. Please take a moment to read and if you want to offer a little cushion for kitty and her owner, do not hesitate to contact me or Hannah herself. I know hearing about this sure brought tears to my eyes and reminded me all too well of what it feels like to lose a furry family member.


Last Thursday, May 2nd, I took the cat in to have her teeth cleaned since her bad breath has reached biohazard level. Any time we have a vet visit I feel like I’m subjecting her to systematic torture, like enrolling children in Russian ballet training. The vet called me in the middle of the morning while the cat was under anesthesia: three of her back teeth were loose and she had swelling in her gums. They recommended removing her loose teeth and getting X-rays to assess the extent of the issue. While removing her loose teeth the vet found dead and blackened tissue and sprawling tumors on her gums, and the jawbone and tooth sockets where her loose teeth had been have eroded away.

The biopsy came back yesterday. Squamous cell carcinoma. Invasive.

When I got the call while she was still in surgery I started to Google…

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One thought on “on dying

  1. My heart goes out to Hannah. The love we feel for the furry members of our family is unbelievably and incredibly strong. Saying goodbye is so hard. I miss Kobe every single day.

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