For Mothers

Mothers are special. Even if you have lost one or never met yours, you are still eternally bound in some way. Your mother is the first connection you have in this world and regardless of what happens after, it is a powerful thing. You just can’t shake it.

I am not a mother, not even close, but I have acquired a lot of new friends this year who are, and it has only furthered my respect. Actually at this point, becoming a mother is a rather terrifying thought to me. I can’t even imagine being the person solely responsible for a little person’s existence. To all the Mother’s out there, keep being awesome and dealing with the unexpected and unpredictable everyday.

To mine in particular, thank you. For the support, the tears, the love, the laughter – through the milestones, the utter failures, and the seemingly insignificant in-betweens. Thank you for always saying you love me more even when I am having a meltdown.

Love you forever and Happy Mother’s Day,


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Oh yeah – and thanks for all the construction lessons 😉

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