I guess it really was only a week and a bit ago…Chavva and I took a day trip to Oslo. We have been wanting to have a girl’s trip for basically the last year and finally squeezed in a – day. Guess that’s what happens with schedules and a wee one at home!

But, we did make it, and it was a blast. Nice little reprieve from a usually Thursday. We arrived at about 10 AM and walked around the center feeling like posh little jet setters with our rolly single carry on suitcases. We lucked out with the weather and by 11 something decided it was time for a late breakfast/early lunch deal. We finally found Bakefri, a gluten free cafe Sarah and I discovered last year. It took a few extra wanders since I was convinced the sign was orange. False. It kinda had some orange in it? not really. However, we did find it (and some other shops we wandered into along the way) and Chavva enthusiastically convinced me quiche was a great choice. The big joke was constantly saying how light it was only to have both of our stomachs feel like they were exploding 20 min later. Hence, we became increasingly less excited about the originally “very light” quiche which basically haunted us for the rest of the day. I would still totally recommend this place though as the bakery is really outstanding. And the quiche was super yummy, it just tricked us 😦

IMG_23301 IMG_23261    IMG_23291

We headed out to walk things off and to meet up with Erlend, friend and student, who we were in town to see perform that night! We got settled on the outskirts of town and then headed over to the KHIO campus where Erlend is currently studying. The walk was stunning with these crazy waterfalls from the spring melt. Apparently the campus used to be a brick factory and I believe they made use of the intense hydro power.

IMG_23471  IMG_23491 - Copy IMG_23431


The man of the hour had to head in for warm ups so Chavva and I walked around and ended up back in the center to enjoy some snacks and sunshine by the harbor.

IMG_23571 IMG_23671    IMG_23731 IMG_23761

All too quickly (but not without enjoyment) it was time to head back to the theatre for the show. We saw a performance of the first and second year students in an assortment of jazz and modern pieces and it was fierce. We were of course super excited for Erlend and impressed with how entertaining the show was. Not to mention excited for our celebration dinner….Jewel of India!!! Soooo delicious. Seriously, it’s the first thing Chavva and I tell people to do in Oslo, haha. So of course we took Erlend out to celebrate and fill our bellies even more. And of course spend more money than the rest of the trip on take away for the rest of the weekend back in Stavanger. So. Much. Food. But dinner itself was fantastic as we laughed the night away and finally crawled into bed exhausted, happy, and so full.

IMG_23861IMG_23881 IMG_23981

We were up at 6:30 AM on Friday to head back and catch our flight. A quick Starbucks stop, and that was that…back to rehearsal in the afternoon 🙂 Yes we we really did basically go to Oslo for a show and Jewel of India, but why not?!

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