Early in the morning we collected ourselves and our baggage to head for the airport. Not that I ever took it for granted, but I extra appreciate how easy Sola airport is outside Stavanger. The hour drive sure changes things a bit, but it was smooth sailing. It took us all a moment to adjust … Continue reading Singapore

Movies Around The World

I do find it fascinating to go to different movie theatres at least once in new locations. Tonight, Luke wanted to go see Gatsby in the luxury theatre at Pavilion here in KL. All of us had been to the VIP movies in Norway at least once before complete with lazy boys, chocolates, coffee, and … Continue reading Movies Around The World


No better way to spend a "last day" then delays at the airport. Especially Sola Airport. At least if things get rough I am in the Duty Free zone. It's not so bad initially, but there is no better way to kill some travel hype than walking through security to see a flight time update … Continue reading Snakkes!