Blessing and a Curse: The Work System In Norway

I don’t mean to sound rude in any way, I just need a sounding board for a minute and then I can go back to laughing this off. Most of the time I truly appreciate the much more relaxed mentality ’round these parts. People value their holidays, and not everyone is bending over backwards to do a job outside of their description. Some days, though, it is all just a little too black and white.

My carry-on was cracked on an overnight to Oslo last week. I put it in first, all was fine, and then the flight attendant came and re-arranged. I remember joking to my friend I was glad I had nothing fragile and it was a hard case as the re-arrangement sounded fairly aggressive. When I opened the compartment an hour later the suitcase was cracked. There was no need as it is regulation size and the plane wasn’t even full. I spoke to the stewardess and she claimed she probably did it and apologized, but that I needed to go to arrivals to get a claim form. No problems. Well, Norwegian Airlines (maybe others) cannot give you a claim form unless it is checked baggage. I said fine, I don’t need a claim from Norwegian – you can write on some letterhead my bag was cracked, no claim number, and I was here asking about it but there was nothing you can do. No. It’s not checked luggage – I was sent to the service desk upstairs. The lady was much more helpful, but still couldn’t accomplish much. She did say I really needed to contact Norwegian directly (I thought I was, but hey). The guy at the desk was totally “it’s out of my hands” but I was able to get the lady to write a letter under my reservation that I was physically there and she saw the crack. Kinda needed some proof for insurance that  I am not making this shiz up before I leave the airport. I emailed, but it said it might take a while to hear back – shocker. After confirmation that I can actually make an insurance claim on hand luggage, I decided to call which is where the frustration starts. Baggage lady, can’t do anything because it’s not checked luggage. ‘Other questions’ person, doesn’t sound sure but I need to write a letter by post of my complaint. So I thought, why not try the complaints button. Apparently I need to write a letter by post explaining my situation as per Norwegian’s policy. Seriously, I just need a freaking post it note saying bag damaged. Maybe I will just forge a letter, but I guess that could come off as insurance fruad…bummer.  Based on 6 months waiting for a visa, I asked (a little sarcastically I’ll admit), “how long will a response take? 6 weeks? Because I only have 30 days to make an insurance claim.” “No, it won’t take 6 weeks, they usually respond in about 4 weeks.” Gah! You realize 4 weeks does not fit my 30 day claim limit? And I am not asking Norwegian to pay for anything. Just a paper. Well apparently, if I call back tomorrow between 9-12 of course (I was calling at 12:30) then I can speak to customer relations by phone. We couldn’t have started with this option over the 4 week-mail by post- letter option? But I better check – “is that everyday? or just Wednesday?” Oh good it is M-F, but (side note) tomorrow is worker’s day so don’t call tomorrow everything is closed.

cat gif

Thank you for entertaining my mini rant. Norway, I still love you, and I know there are hiccups with these scenarios everywhere. But I also still really love 24 hour customer service hotlines. The End.

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