50 pages

In response to Hannah’s most recent post: you know I need to chime in 😉 But I have also been thinking about this lately as the reason I started this particular blog is suddenly coming to a close.

I, like you, am just past the “50” mark so I am not very experienced in the way of the blogging world. I have also kept a blog for my time studying abroad in Australia, and volunteering in India. Those had the specific purpose of documenting what I was doing so I can share with friends, family, my school, the program I was working for, and whoever else might be inclined to read; but mostly it was just my mom (love her for that!).

When I moved to Norway, I had no idea for how long I would be here or for even what exactly. However, I decided to go back to the blogging as a way to share my experiences with family and friends. I wasn’t really sure what it would turn into, but like you Hannah, it turned into ‘me’. I thought I would be all cool offering tips on living here, maybe some interesting travel advice and gripping stories of life abroad, but I really didn’t want to have a ‘travel’ or ‘expat’ blog so it never became that. I still don’t think it really has a purpose most days and yet I like keeping one. I think the name is still fitting. A bit nomadic. Mostly this is about following ‘me’ – a traveling troll. Whether it be covering a new destination, a quirk of cultural differences, or the thoughts that arise throughout my travels. Like Hannah, I think I really thought or wanted to offer something for ‘you’, but instead it really just comes back to ‘me’. A safe-haven in cyberspace where I can share my experiences. While I do not seem to have much direction with my blog, I do hope to create a space where anyone can post, comment, or respond as they wish. I like starting a conversation. Whatever I write is just my perspective at one time, but I love looking at the greater picture. And I would certainly love to hear about all of your experiences as well.

I like to think of life as one great adventure. Maybe keeping a blog about it makes all the in betweens that much more exciting just as I would treat a semester abroad. Not sure what this will become going forward, but I do plan on continuing as best I can. This little nomad is headed back to school in the US in a few months and I think, for myself, it should be handled just the same as when I showed up in Norway or NYC. Just the next chapter of a lifelong adventure.

And pretty please, everyone send good immigration paper vibes to Hannah. She has written quite a bit about her current visa situation so I will let you get the details from her, but a lot of you out there know what it is like to sit and wait and have complications with visas- it can be a very stressful time and sometimes a little support can make all the difference!

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