Times They Are A Changin’

I think….I really think….Spring is coming! At least it has felt like it a bit more with the April ‘showers’ – aka blustery sideways rain spasticly turning to sunshine and then a wind comes in and blows you over. Not to mention the day light being obviously longer. Been having some great sunsets, noticeably in a new location which is kind of trippy, and the birds are officially singing until about 10 PM and starting up again at 4:30 AM. It’s when they start at 3 outside my window that I start to get annoyed so right now it is still just exciting 🙂


You can see how it would be sunny in one area and then crazy rain under this very doom inducing cloud over here. Bustin’ out the rain gear again!


Last night’s sunset at 9:30, and there was still daylight on the horizon til 11:00 PM 🙂


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