Dansens Dag 2013

Today was the Day of Dance in Norway. I think it also may have been through all of Scandinavia, but don’t quote me on that. Anyways, it turned out to be a lovely sunny day which was fantastic as the performance is held outdoors. There were several numbers by different dance schools/programs in the area. My friend and colleague Chavva Ariel Smith Hofstad (I just like saying her ridiculously long full name 😉 ) was already working on some choreography for the performance on behalf of Steps Dansestudio and then asked if I wanted to collaborate with her on a contemporary piece to show as well. Of Course!

It was a fun day to be outside and see some dance, and I was so proud of the Show Group members from Steps that performed. They did a great job in all the pieces which included a Ragga piece by Stine Lyngaas, a tap/stepping piece by Sharon Scott, and a hip hop piece by Chavva as well. I am extra proud of Helene and Oda who rocked out the contemporary number to ‘Fix You’ in only a couple of rehearsals and sold it even on the splintery stage with all those slides and turns. Bra jobba!!

Apparently I can’t embed a video without upgrading to a paid blog situation so here is a link for all the people I promised I would show it to:

Fix You _ Dansens Dag 2013

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