23 years of sibling-hood

Allegedly yesterday was National Sibling Day. National, I am assuming means in the U.S. since all the Facebook posts came from my family and friends from the states yesterday. Not sure when it became a holiday, or who started it, but I think any chance to celebrate a sibling (or many) is awesome. I am a day behind perhaps, but I think today is an even better day for me to share with the world how much I love my brother because it is his birthday. Best friends, cousins, parents all have their special place but something about a sibling is particularly special. I think my brother is the one person who truly knows me to bottom of the craziness, the only one who knows what it was like to grow up together, the only one I think I could truly say everything and anything without being judged or at the very least quickly forgiven.

On this day, he deserves to be celebrated for all of his accomplishments, but mostly for just being gosh darn awesome. We all have drama in our lives and sometimes that includes your siblings. But life is too short, if you haven’t already….go tell your sibling just how awesome and special they really are 🙂

I don’t care how sappy it is…Love you forever, Tomchi!! Here’s to another 23 years, and another 23 after that!















we believe




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