If you’ve been on facebook this week, you have seen it “turning red” in support of marriage equality. Scrap that, if you’ve had any contact with the outside world you’ve probably been bombarded with the topic. It is a huge one. I have to carefully read names of who is writing what on facebook as the profile pictures have streamlined to variations of the red and pink equal signs:


I never realized how similar same profile pics up and down my news feed could mess with my brain!

It really is an incredible time, because you know you are standing in the middle of history in the making – one way or the other. If you are already reading this and saying…not another thing about marriage equality, feel free to stop reading. In the kindest tone possible, I am not making you read this, so if you are over it-honestly, just close the page. I will also say I am not here to preach facts or to tell anyone that they are right or wrong. I simply think that at this time, it is a huge deal in the US and worth discussing. I have always tried to have an open mind and hear all sides of an argument. And on topics past, I have even been paralyzed in the middle if there are too many good arguments on both sides of the fence. Marriage equality isn’t one of them. I’m not saying everyone out there has to like it, but I really have yet to hear a convincing argument against it in the eyes of the law.

Part of the most amazing thing about all of my travels has been this connection with the notion that we are all people. Simple human beings with goals like survival and happiness. Part of the long-term work I hope to do will provide life skills to people who have had hope stripped from them by their societies/governments…other human beings. We don’t condone this treatment when we see it in other countries. People have no qualms about criticizing other religions for what is perceived as the degradation of women. Was it that long ago that our own country didn’t recognize woman as equal? mmm no. And yet here we are openly telling everyone else how they treat groups of individuals in their society is wrong and ‘against human rights’. I’m sorry I just don’t quite see how it is profound and amazing and good work for me to be part of a program that can help leprosy affected youth gain the tools necessary to move up from the bottom of society with the purpose of being treated equally and succeeding in their own society, but in the western world that we pride in having tolerance cannot afford equal rights to all of its citizens; and many of these people are amazing, talented, successful individuals readily contributing to their society.

I saw a great little quote the other day and shared it on my facebook:

i am an ally

I shared it because it is true. When we strip everything else down, this is not about whether or not you are gay or straight – it is a human rights argument. Even if I didn’t have MANY friends part of the LGBT community, I would think we are a bunch of hypocrites if we tell other countries and religions how they should treat groups of individuals and then not translate that back to our own government.

I said before, I do like to look at both sides of an argument. Clearly I am for marriage equality, but give me a valid argument against and I would think about it. The problem is, for me, there aren’t any that I have heard yet. I am not religious so I try to steer clear of the religious cross-fire. However, I still can’t come to terms with the arguments in this department, because we are not creating marriage equality within a religion….it’s the government. The one that is not allowed to make a law respecting an establishment of religion. Please direct this argument to the head of your religious establishment in regards to the definition of marriage WITHIN your religion. Not trying to step on any toes here, but the government is separate so I find this argument doesn’t hold up even from the other side of the fence. I also think one of the things people haven’t brought up often enough is that all this “sanctity of marriage” and “need for mother and father to raise a child” goes out the window for a child of divorced parents. And I am not the only one. The divorce rates in the US are obscene, so I find it hard to believe that the whole country is taking this marriage business very seriously in the first place. I had a mother and a father, but I also had a wholllle lotta drama. If the LGBT community is fighting this hard to have their marriages recognized, I bet the chances they will make it count are a lot higher than a lot of “traditional” families. All arguments lost on me in this department…I support two people wanting to raise a child (especially if adopted and has a shot at a better life) with love and commitment.

I also read somewhere the other day that it is legal in 23 states to have sex with a horse. The catch on this argument is that it wouldn’t become illegal until the government found reason to make it illegal. So even though it’s not an action that was actually legalized in the 23 states per say, it still means the other 27 states had to take action to make it illegal….you want to discuss ‘violating natural law’….mmhmm.

You might be over how much the media is discussing these topics, or that your facebook feed is covered with it, but that is how we communicate today. Everyone has a voice and we all need a place to express it- I just felt I needed to share a bit of mine too.

I hope that rather than brushing it off or getting so bogged down in right or wrong, we can use this topic as a way to remember that what brings us together is that we are both different and the same. As humans we are special because we have so many different and unique qualities, it is what makes our interactions and life so interesting. But at the end of the day we are all still simply human beings…equal.

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