Celine M. Photography

I’m not trying to bombard my own blog, but there are some things I have wanted to post and realized I never did because my schedule got the best of me.

Tonight I ran out for an impromptu photo shoot with an amazing woman, Celine. An expat lady I have met here in Stavanger. Aside from her outgoing personality and ability to dive into…well everything! it seems like…she is super creative and a wonderful photographer. We had been talking about a shoot way back when I was just visiting and hadn’t moved to Norway yet, and we finally got around to the first attempt last fall. I got the photos a little while ago from her, but after heading out tonight I realized I never shared with the non-facebook part of my life.

If you are in the Stavanger area, Celine’s prints make wonderful souvenirs from some of the sights around the area! Check her out: https://www.facebook.com/Celine.M.Photography

Here are a few from our shoot back in fall 2012….more to come when tonight’s photos are ‘released’ 🙂

All Photos: **** Copyright © Celine M. Suiter ****  Please feel free to use the photos for your profile picture. We only ask you not to crop and alter them in any way.

Melana_Ballerina-11_FB_ Melana_Ballerina-67_FB Melana_Ballerina-70_FB Melana_Ballerina-245_FB


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