Today on walk around Little Sotkka (Lille Stokkavann) I was already starting to get all sappy in my head about leaving this place. I am actually getting quite excited about the upcoming prospects and next phases of this adventure called life, but it doesn’t mean I can’t want to stay just a tiny bit longer at the same time. I think this had a large amount to do with how sunny it has been and Norway is particularly stunning in the sunshine. Makes me almost sad more people could not come visit here, because it really is a  beautiful country. Having said that, I am increasingly grateful I have decided to plan a trip to Bergen and Tromsø next week. I get to be on holiday in Norway and hopefully get a good dose of fjords, harbors, mountains, and….fingers crossed….northern lights! I am trying to not have any expectations but the excursion I booked looks like it yields extremely promising results. Either way, I get to check off a major bucket list item – going above the Arctic Circle! ‘Cause, why not?!

I seem to say this every month, but I cannot believe it is already the end of March! April, you are gonna be awesome – I hope I can pack in and saturate the time I have left with as many of the things I love about Norway as I can.

In the meantime, here a couple more photos of “the little things” that make me enjoy the day to day around these parts. IMG_1352 IMG_1354 IMG_02122 IMG_13511

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