I would say I am having a staycation through Easter, but I’m really not. Staycation means I had nothing else to do but enjoy the area, go out with friends, and be up to fun activities…maybe even read a book for fun!

It’s only been a few days, but I think I am starting to go a bit mad trying to do as much of my physics work as possible since I lost my lead while being sick and realized I am actually traveling next week and REALLY don’t want to carry a textbook around Norway with me 😉

Also I am working on a costume book of every costume our dance studio owns. Have already re-organized and created a full inventory, with the help of some very amazing individuals gotten all of the info converted into a book like format, and I think even taken at least 80% of the photos. So the task is sooooo close to being done. It’s just a matter of getting all the photos next to each description and making sure it prints out in some sort of logical format. It’s so close and yet I am seriously going partially insane from the hours spent between these two large Easter Holiday projects and talking it out with the dog is only adding to the insanity.

I am grateful for the time to spend on it, but I am also starting get really excited to have a few days of travel next week to actually be out and about before going back to normal work. (And for the weekend, because I am actually allowing myself a tad of fun and meeting up with some friends)

Pictured below: Weapon of choice vs. Mortal enemy….


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