What Makes You Tick?

It’s sunny, I fell asleep mid morning on the couch only to wake up with the dog completely on top of me (a Rhodesian ridgeback, not a toy poodle mind you, who is not supposed to be on the couch but clearly got away with it until I realized what was happening), the two of us then enjoyed a nice walk around our lake, and I am currently enjoying a second cup of delicious coffee while watching the neighbor’s kids ecstatically jump on the trampoline. I have work to do, and still plan on finishing it all today, but there is something wonderful about taking these moments to absorb the little things. It is called life after all isn’t it? Not Work, plus some other things. I often feel so guilty and privileged that I have the life I have right now. Especially this last year and a half I have often thought, better have your fun now before it’s back to reality. But that’s the thing, why should it stop? I think if we live for the moments, and strive to follow your passion that you can live with those privileges for a lifetime.

For each person, feeling guilty lucky for scoring their own life is different. It depends on what you love, what makes you squeal and bubble up on the inside with excitement. What are the moments that make you think, life can’t possibly get any better than this moment right now. If you follow those thoughts and feelings, I highly doubt you will be miserable for long. I’m not saying you don’t have to work hard or that there will not be tragedy in your life, but I honestly believe there will be a lot less of the “my life sucks, I’ve been prescribed antidepressants, aimless wandering through life” that comes from becoming a drone in society.

SO! I challenge you to make a list of your passions and a list of 3-5 things you would like to feel all the time if you could. Post them next to your computer or mirror or dashboard or whatever, and see if you can’t engage yourself in at least one of those activities, thoughts or feelings everyday. Maybe eventually you will get to all of them everyday!

My Passions:

  • Dance
  • movement
  • Travel
  • Helping Others Achieve Their Goals
  • Exploring
  • Organizing
  • Music
  • Creating/Creativity
  • Truly stopping to enjoy a delicious coffee? It does make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside 🙂

I would like to feel (side note: “happy” is a cheat word, because all of these should make you feel happy!):

  • Inspired
  • Creative
  • Loved
  • Beautiful (this does not come with a definition, it’s just the feeling)

You might feel silly at first to even think that deeply about what you want, but that is half the problem. We are told go to work from 9-5, make x amount of money, put in more late hours than the person next to you and you will move up the food chain faster, without ever giving it a second thought…ugh these thoughts make my stomach turn over instantly. Try the exercise, give it a couple of weeks and see – who knows what is lying just beneath the surface waiting for you to pay attention!

I have no idea how my plan will unfold, but I know I am taking all the right steps to lead me to a path that involves me working with my passions everyday. There are of course compromises, but there are also deal breakers. Figure out what those are and don’t settle.

And feel free to share your passions! I love learning about what makes people tick 🙂

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