How Dance Changes Lives

I have a separate blog where I was posting about my experience in India. A just saw a video that came out about the program I worked with  and even though it is not pertaining to my travels while in Norway I think it is worth a few moments of everyone’s time to take a look. My time in India truly changed my world and it still has a huge piece of my heart. I hope you can take a few moments to watch and hopefully share this lovely mini documentary about one of the amazing students, Gracie, and her experience in LifeDance Troupe.

3 thoughts on “How Dance Changes Lives

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  2. I didn’t realize it at the time, but learning ballroom has made me more comfortable in my own skin. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

    • It’s true. I didn’t realize until I was much older, but my years of dancing have taught me to take initiative, be disciplined, hard working, expressive, and creative. As I have continued with the medium I realize when it is applied in the right way it is a great way to realize your true potential and a wonderful place to experiment with and shape exactly who you want to be 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you (and your kitty!) in the fall as well!!

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