It’s already been enough time that I find my time in Vienna a bit comical. But holy man alive, it was not the weather to be sightseeing in. Key points are sight and seeing in this situation. The snow was super intense and wet and in my face my first night and morning. While I kept saying I was lucky to be there, it took quite a lot to not be overly cranky. I did manage to get to a lot of the “must see” locations, but again operative word being see 😉
Let’s focus on the things I liked the most though….If you had to choose only one palace, I would pick Hofburg. It is much more of a complex with lots of things to see, the museum was great and a lot of the key points are covered at both Schonbrunn and Hofburg. Plus Hofburg is more central and if you want to do a palace, museums, and perhaps the riding school, this is the location to do it in a short amount of time.
I also really enjoyed the ending of my day walking through the Naschmarket and collecting tidbits for dinner. I even found the bakery I was looking for that offers gluten-free yummies so I could have a little treat on Valentine’s Day. I love markets and this was a great one. It doesn’t always make it on the “must do” list in Vienna, but I personally recommend it. Lots of dine in shops are available, and if the weather is nice, it’s an affordable way to collect picnic items. I also think I enjoyed the fact that I was actually able to connect a bit with the locals. Given the weather, few people were out aside from tourists and even though I am one, being around tourists all day definitely isn’t the highlight of any trip for me.
For those of you who really do love Opera, symphony and want to travel back in time to places like Mozart’s old stomping grounds, you would definitely love Vienna (in Spring or Summer or any day it is not snowing in your face). I will admit I have a general interest, but not a diehard fan so it was difficult for me to jump for joy given the conditions. I think my fonder memories lie with my travels through the quaint towns and hiking in the Alps of Western Austria. It all comes down to personal taste though.
It’s good to know what you love and learn from what you didn’t love as much 😉 Either way, here are my photos.

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