Side Trip: Slovakia

Yes, I am still trying to catch up with all the stops I made a month ago over the winter break. Almost there, I promise.

The silver lining to not being gaga over my time in Vienna (or should I say the weather in Vienna) is that it was enough to convince me to take a day trip to Bratislava. I had considered this before, but with my tight itinerary already, I was worried I was pushing the envelope a bit. However, I met exactly the right people in Budapest to remind me that sometimes, you just gotta do it. Turns out you can get a whole day pass super cheapo package for transport to Bratislava from Vienna and it is only an hour away! How could I not go. I see you rolling your eyes at me 😉

To be flat-out honest though, I did not feel like I was cutting myself short on Vienna or that a day was not enough in Bratislava. If you like or are interested in Eastern Europe and have the opportunity….tag on Slovakia. One, it’s cheap and you will probably save money over eating out all day and going to extra exhibits in Vienna (that is unless they are things you really wanted to do). It has a true Eastern European vibe even though it is so close to a ritzy place like Vienna. It is totally walkable, few tourists, and I liked that it was a little rough around the edges. Google, ‘day trip to Bratislava’ and some good itinerary suggestions pop up similar to what I experienced. Also, if you head to the tourist info at the center of the Old Town, they give very good info on the main sights. I loved walking around mixed in with the locals going about their daily lives, and you definitely get a true sense of the history. Not everything has been newly renovated and not everyone speaks English, so if you are looking for a more ‘refined’ experience you may not enjoy it as much as I did. Bonus for me, it really hit close to my Ukrainian roots – language, food, general vibe all felt a little like I was home, so obviously that sways my opinion a bit too.

Photos of my day in Bratislava.

I know Vienna has a lot more to offer than what I saw, but I am really glad I made this additional excursion.

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