Rendezvous in Prague

Some of you remember my friend Sarah from one of my first adventures after arriving in Norway. We tackled parts of Scandinavia and  Germany last Spring. Well, because she is so amazing, Sarah recently volunteered in Ghana and decided to fly home with some extra time through Europe. That’s just how we do!

My whole trip stemmed from the original idea that I would meet Sarah at the start of her European adventure. Unfortunately, our entire weeks off did not align, but that did not stop us from getting together for a long weekend in…Prague. It makes sense, I swear. Immediately after big hugs and getting Sarah into some warmth we decided that we seriously need to start meeting up in warmer locations. Hot yoga studio over Christmas does not count. Regardless, we found ourselves in Prague and while cold, I can’t say I was bummed out.

Being the only person I encountered working their way north from Budapest, all I heard was Prague this, Prague that, you’re gonna love Prague. I did. I do. The only catch is, so does everyone else. If you have an opportunity to go, definitely do it. My biggest recommendation is to try to go at an off-peak time. I can only imagine what it must be like in Spring and Summer.

The city is a beautiful gateway to Eastern European Culture. It has definitely adapted to tourism so you won’t feel like you were thrown in the deep end. There are amazing restaurants….ok maybe I can’t make that plural because we mostly filled up at one specific veggie place called Lehká Hlava. Even if you are not veggie, check this place out. The food is delicious and the location quaint. We were super lucky the first time around to get an opening but you probably need a reservation. The free walking tour was great and covered the important highlights. It was a fun city to be out with a friend, enjoying food, catching up, checking out the shops and so forth. Any travel guide will explain the top things to do in Prague, it is just a matter of narrowing down what you are most interested in. We covered the tourist highlights we wanted, but I would definitely go back just to hang out around town and perhaps explore a little more off the beaten path.

I knew I would be interested in visiting, but didn’t realize how much until I got there. A must do if you are in the region. Here are the pics! And if you find out why they like cat things so much in Prague, please let me know.

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