Sunny Stavanger Sunday

Sometime you just have to play tourist in your own town…oh wait, I am a tourist….

Either way, the sun was so glorious today that after physics-ing for the morning, I decided it wasn’t cold and I was going downtown to take some photos. Lies – it was bloody freezing, but the sun still made everything seem better so I shot away and wandered around old and new Stavanger. Sunday is a good day for me to go downtown because occasionally the urge hits to want to buy something, anything. So on the day that all retail shops are closed is the best time for me to enjoy the windows and keep cash in my wallet. **Shakes fist at love for travel and high tuition for grad school**

It was nice to get some fresh air and out of my cubby hole/lair/closet under the stairs (the many names of my gracious living situation). I quite like it, but I think my hosts are starting to worry I am a total hermit. I just like to think I am a slave to physics and recouping between adventures (which I usually am, or planning the next one).

Friday night I was out with some ladies for Indian and it was so delish I have not been able to stop thinking about it. I decided to get some for take away since I was in the hood and indulge for dinner. Paired with some homemade dolmas courtesy of Nancy, it made for a delicious super. And hey – it was 6 PM and the sun was still out!! Yippeee!!! So excited for it to be sunny late again. I will definitely miss that part of living in Norway.

Well here are some photos from around town….I guess they all sort of turn out the same as all the other times I’ve taken pics downtown, but it’s still fun….kinda like photos of camels in Dubai. So many and yet you cannot stop taking them…

In other update news:

I have still been busy teaching at Steps. Dansens Dag (Day of Dance) and the May 17th parade are just around the corner for us. I still have some costume projects to finish up before  I leave as well. Physics takes priority over my free time so that I can pass this course and make sure I don’t lose my acceptance to Duke. Luckily, I have been doing really well so far, despite my distaste for it, so I am hopefully in the clear. Preparations for Duke are coming on quickly. I am already apartment hunting and being forced to think of move in details…it is 6 months away people. But everything with school has to be done so far in advance. You apply in September to get interviewed in February. January-March you apply for scholarships for September. March I am apartment hunting for August, etc. It will all work out, I just want to enjoy the time I have left in Norway too. Guess it is better I be organized now. Only 2 weeks til Easter holidays. I will be in town with Omega (the dog), while Nancy and Brett explore Spain 😉 Then I have a few days and am trying to squeeze in Bergen and Tromso as they are major bucket list items for my time here. I have another day trip planned to Olso with Chavva and dog sitting again. All of a sudden it will be May, semester will be over, and I will be out of here….trying not to dwell on it too much.

Looks like the summer will be pretty big too though, but I will reveal details as they become more concrete 🙂

Happy Sunday.

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