When in Norway, Do like the Norwegians

It’s the start of week 3 for the spring semester and things are well underway for me in Stavanger. I really can’t believe it. We only have 2 weeks until holidays again. Just wish I was going somewhere warmer this time around, but you can’t win ’em all. Well if it is going to be freezing (or below freezing outside), one might as well enjoy the activities that come with the cold weather. In the local neighborhood, this means adventuring out onto the frozen and not so frozen lakes around town. Adventuring here can be anything from a stroll, skating, skiing, dog walking, a wander with your baby stroller, or bicycling across the ice which you hope and pray does not crack beneath you.

My one attempt at going out on the ice was short lived with my irrational fear that I would fall through after seeing cracks and running water. Silly me! While I saw hundreds of people out over the course of the weekend, all completely fine, I would have definitely been the one to fall in so I remained a content observer after my first attempt.

I did, however, have my first weekend at a hytta (or cabin) in the mountains. Our kick off meeting/team building weekend for Steps Dansestudio was at a hytta in the Sirdal area.It was absolutely gorgeous with the sun shining the whole weekend, and 11 other awesome ladies to enjoy with. The weekend was complete with sledding, walking around the mountains, trivia, the remaking of Gangnam Style into Steps Style, and lots of laughing. It was one of those moments where I stopped for a second and thought, “wow, people come from all over the world to have a vacation like this and here we are on just a little weekend excursion.” Granted, I would normally pick a warmer vacation, but when in Norway….! And it was undeniably a fabulous time.

Steps Camp 486303_10151253017685017_2039938451_n IMG_7302 IMG_7311 IMG_7317 IMG_7356 IMG_7364 Steps camp

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