Happy New Year

Somehow it’s already December and I am completing my Canada-Norway itinerary. Seemed almost impossible that I would stay 10 months and not have to bump my flight to an earlier date. But here I am and even using the built in stopover to London that Teta conveniently reminded me I might want to include all those months ago. Realistically though, we all new chances were slim I wouldn’t use an available stopover, especially since I haven’t been to London yet!

I haven’t had a chance to write about the last couple of months as things have been so busy with our Christmas show. I have to say that even with the crazy long hours and partial inability to live in a world outside of Narnia (seriously my phone autocorrects the word “Aslan” now), it has been a total blast.

I think even more so because a year ago I was in a total transition, crossing my fingers that I would get into a good school for Physio and even more strongly hoping that I would get a visa to come to Norway even if it was only for a couple months. Well, despite my total fear of having to start working at a Tops (not even Wegmans) supermarket, both happened. On top of it, I thought I was pretty fully retired from the dance world except for the occasional class, and now I have spent the last x months totally immersed in it again. Having had a taste of how fleeting that immersion can be, I have been totally relishing in it and am so grateful to have one more semester with the dance scene as my focus. Of course I will never be away from it for too long, i know my priorities will be shifting soon with re-entering school and by the time I graduate at age 29, this 80 year old body might not be able to do too much. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s totally true.

This has been an amazing year because I have also been able to re-ignite my passions and stay true to them. At least I sometimes get the, “wow, wish I could do that” response (see previous post about people who say this) but more often it is lined with “ok but when are you gonna settle down and get a real life”. But this is my real life and these are the things I want to do with them.

This is actually an old post that I had Saved in my drafts but in the spirit of the new year I thought it was still appropriate and wanted to share what I feel are my accomplishments for 2012. I don’t intend this in a braggy manor at all. I simply feel it is appropriate to take the time to recognize what has come and gone and to appreciate it. Because I truly do and I encourage you all to do the same.

Places I have been able to travel to and experience in 2012:

A large part of Western Ukraine
Western Austria
(and almost forgot that I was also in Boston, NYC, Miami, and Durham before departing for Norway in February)

Opportunities/life experiences:

Make and organize A Lot of costumes 😉
Even put on my pointe shoes again this year.
Visit the home country
Experience the centennial celebrations of Plast in Ukraine
Travel with family and friends
Get closer with the overseas branch of the family
Say the word fjord more than I ever have in my entire life (try it – yes, it’s a great word)
Make my first stop on the African continent and see the pyramids!!! (this was a biggie for me)
Officially try couch surfing for the first time (for better or for worse)
Got to know one if the best dogs ever, RIP Kobe!!
Unfortunately developed a taste for delicious tap water and European dairy (chocolate and cheese alike)
Met amazing people from all over the world
Enjoy (and sometimes be annoyed at) different cultures and customs
Work with underprivileged children and investigate ways to help create programs for them. Not to mention meet some amazing people working towards similar goals.
Successfully get accepted to all the PT programs I was interested in and decide on which one I would like to attend.
Make it home for Christmas.
Make my first Paska and Ukie Christmas dishes.
Add a lot of mugs to my collection.
Maybe only just- but fund doing all of this.

That totally beats working at Tops broke or not. Cause let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure I’d be broke if I worked at Tops anyways lol. And as a friend kindly texted me on the day I began writing this – “it’s only money” 🙂

There was lots more in there too and little things that I appreciate everyday but there were some pretty solid highlights I wanted to share. (especially for all those checking in about what it is I have been up to).

Also-pictures to come of mama’s trip to Norway, our Christmas show, and London.

Cheers to 2012 – glad there wasn’t an apocalypse- and may you get everything you desire in 2013!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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