It’s rarely flat out easy – but travelling is a gift like no other. I don’t mean a dreamy vacation with only sunshine and beaches, I mean experiencing real people, nature, lifestyles around the world. Times like wrapping up a show and finishing a semester bring up questions, like “when are you going back to Canada?” – Luckily, I do have a few more months in Norway after the holidays, and hopefully by then, I will be ready to move away and return to my education. But I still haven’t gotten to that place.

This read reminds me of how I feel when travelling and experiencing the world, and it puts my own travel advice quite eloquently. Old or young, please read.

2 thoughts on “This.

  1. We all hope you’ll never leave Stavanger! Showgroup has spent a lot of time planning how to avoid you from travel back. YOU ARE LIKE SUNSHINE AND HAPPINESS IN A BOTTLE. We need you and we love you so very much!

    • Aww I love you guys and don’t want to leave either. I’m totally curious about your plans to keep me from traveling haha. At least one more semester to enjoy!! (slash torture students??)

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