Amazing Opportunity in India

A couple of years ago I made a last minute decision to fill in for a volunteer that could not go to India to teach a life skills through dance program. I supposedly helped change the lives of children affected by leprosy, but I still argue they changed mine more. If you are a dancer and would like to help make a change in the world keep reading. Also note, that again volunteers fell through with this program and the children are left with no teacher for a semester that is supposed to start on Monday. So please consider the opportunity and read more in this letter from Shaun Parry:

Dear Friends of Promethean Spark~

We at Promethean Spark International are excited to move into this year of enlightenment with eyes and hearts open, lengthening our stride as we go. We are looking for an incredible person to run our programs for leprosy-effected youth in India. This volunteer will have an amazing, even life-changing experience.

A list of criteria are listed below. If you can check off all 9, please contact us at

This person must:

1) have a current passport (obtain an Indian Visa and get the required shots)
2) be a well-trained dancer
3) be able to teach youth and children
4) be willing to study the PS methodology of teaching essential life skills through dance training, including learning the PS warm-up, and continue teaching and perfecting it in the classes
5) be available the complete time frame in which you are applying to go
6) be able to buy a round-trip plane ticket to Chennai, India (also known as Madras)
7) be able to find sponsors and donors (we will help) to raise the $1000 volunteer fee
8) be able to adapt culturally and work within the boundaries set by the organization
9) have a heart of gold and make these sacrifices willingly and with joy

Our volunteers in India teach classes 6 days a week (4 at a boarding school run by Rising Star Outreach of India and 2 days a week in the leprosy colonies). Classes will be taught as a part of the school curriculum using dance to teach essential life skills to the students. We also have an after school program which is the first ever dance troupe created from youth from leprosy colonies (LifeDance). The teacher works with them every day after school doing life-coaching as they teach dance technique and choreography. A final performance including each grade from the school and the LifeDance Troupe will be choreographed and fully realized by this volunteer a few days before the scheduled school break (dependent on the time frame you are there).

You will need to be trained in the Promethean Spark Methodology with Shaun Parry (Pres of PSI) during your first week in India. Then we will continue training via weekly skype meetings throughout your stay.

For more information on our programs please visit

If interested or if you have questions, email

Live, Love, Laugh and Learn.
The Promethean Spark Team

Shaun Parry
President and Founder
Promethean Spark International
India * Kenya * Costa Rica * New York
US Office: (001) 212-567-0004

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