Back In Action

Well the semester is back in full swing here in Stavanger. I have officially taken on the roll of Costume Mistress on top of teaching a lot more than last semester. Its busy, but it’s a blast. I am really happy to be pushing myself back into a dance environment so intensely and to have it as my real job. Kind of cool. Of course there are lots of paths my dance training and all these years could have taken me, but at the end of the day – it ain’t workin’ out half bad. Do I already miss what I could do at 17, 20…yes. I honestly do, and wish that I could use all of that now. But without the time away that I had, and the new experiences now, I wouldn’t have learned to appreciate it. And for that I am grateful. Not to mention it is a pretty spectacular package that by living in Norway and dancing here, I get to combine so many different things that I enjoy, not just being in one place with one facet of what makes me tick. I just got back from some amazing summer travels, and tons of new inspiration that will hopefully turn into me being able to help a lot of people in need. About to post links to my hundreds of photos taken in August! And I promise to really try to post more regular updates on what’s going on here in Norway this fall!


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