Woof woof!

I am headed back to Stavanger after a great weekend in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria. There has been a lot of delicious food but last night’s dinner experience takes the cake. For deliciousness? Yes, but mainly because of the mystery fish. My dad wanted a lighter fish dish and asked which one the waiter liked best. In the blunt manor that I experienced over the weekend, there was no humming and ha-ing over what to say or the “well everything is good here”, the waiter simply answered “that one.” “this one?” “YEP!”

Straight to the point. I like it. The dish was simply written as pan fried sea fish. When it arrived it looked fantastic,-and my dad asked again what it was – “Sea Fish.”

There was a running joke at the table that they should have just said it was water fish at that point because no one could really give us any detailed information.

After thoroughly enjoying the meal there was one last attempt to find out what it was. The waiter was able to tell us it was from the pacific and it barks. Wait did you just say barks?

::I ask you to paint the picture here of a fancy restaurant out on the terrace overlooking the castle in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The waiter dead serious and trying to do his best to explain in English::

“Yes sir, barks. Like ::insert barking here:: it’s hard to explain”

It was a great moment in time. And we greatly appreciated his description. But even more so, I thought he was barking mad for dreaming up such a thing. So of course it was the first thing we had to google and voilà! I give you the barking fish

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