Ukraine 2012

For the past 2.5 weeks I have been in Western Ukraine with the intent to gather information on the situation in the orphanages here. I can certainly say that I have gotten information not only on the orphanages, but the needs of many socially, physically and mentally disabled individuals. However, with the information I have received, I am now faced with an infinite line of questions. Many, I am not sure I will ever find an answer to or that there even is one. All I really know now is that I am entirely overwhelmed with my thoughts and how to formulate them into a cohesive idea that can truly make a difference – and I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. I truly hope I can make enough sense of what I’ve seen and been exposed to these last couple of weeks in a timely fashion as I simultaneously feel anxious to act immediately. But as I’ve heard many times recently: one must be a realist. So I am banking on patience to let this all sink in….

In the meantime, this is what might happen when you go for a walk out in the “salo” – FYI….


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