Paskeferie Continued

Again, major back tracking, but I think it comes down to me posting the photo albums and you all getting the stories visually:

Gothenburg, Sweden: One full day, 2 nights. We had our first official couch surfing experience which was average. We learned a lot about choosing who to stay with, and we could have learned our lessons in a way less safe environment. The girl we surfed with was very difficult to have a conversation with as she did not carry one at all. So we found ourselves not wanting to return to the apartment until absolutely necessary, and in the cold rain in a town that closes at 6, we felt this to be a bit dragged out. In hindsight, we probably would have spent more time in museums because we actually would have had the time, maybe stayed somewhere a bit more hospitable, and like many places in Scandinavia – sun makes a difference! Needless to say, we were happy to have made the stop and thoroughly enjoyed a lot of coffee and chocolate!

Copenhagen, Denmark: Fri-Sun Easter Weekend. AMAZING! This is THE Scandinavian city. All the pros of the other cities, but in one place, and bigger, and glorified. In my opinion anyway 🙂 We just loved it because there was actually so much to do we felt like we really had to keep up the pace. I would definitely go back and do things over and try to do a lot more that we didn’t fit in. Overall, Love.

Photos from Gothenburg & Copenhagen:
Berlin: We also had about 2.5 days in Berlin. This city is fantastic just because of the history. I know a lot of people love it for different reasons, but for me it was a lot of fun because we didn’t stop and there was still so much more to discover. We also had an incredible guide on our walking tour, got to take ballet classes, and see Romeo and Juliet. So it was a fun trip for us dancer ladies, and a little twist on the normal touring route. Highly recommend Pergamon as a museum as well.
Cologne: We got to stay with Sarah’s family so it was a fun mix of Turkish and German. This portion of the trip was fun because we got to do some of the main sights, but also just relax with some extremely warm and loving people (who gave me a Turkish teapot), and also see a lot of Turkish television lol.
Photos from Germany:
Finally, I returned home after a lengthy escapade, and a ton of new experiences, to celebrate Ukie Easter! Sarah had graciously transported a ton of Kobasa for the feast from Dido, I had made my Paska, and Teta made some great Babka, so we were pretty set. The only glitch was getting it blessed! This was actually the weekend we started rehearsing for the KidZ show, but I was graced with the day off so was able to help prepare the basket. I was super excited to be part of it too, because we ended up taking the basket over to the International School as the Nato Chaplain said he would bless it for us if we got there before the basketball tourney was over that day. So in leu of Kobe sneezing on it, we rushed the basket over and had a Nato Chaplain in his basketball gear bless our basket on the front lawn of the school. Needless to say it was a first for all involved and perhaps a first for Ukrainians everywhere. It was a great feast though and happy to have had the chance to celebrate!

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