An Actual Post!

Man oh Man — I was so behind just trying to get the first post up about Easter Holidays and now, well, I am about to embark on a new adventure and I have nothing written about the last 4 months in Norway! (Hope to post more about easter vacay too – but it might just end up being the photo albums).

In some ways, this is very good news because it means I have been SUPER busy. To me that is a good sign considering someone pointed out the other day, I had no clue if I would even get work here. In all fairness to you all, you probably didn’t want to read about all my “work” anyways so maybe it is best for everyone that I summarize in a checklist what’s been going on:

  • I am now a ballet, jazz, modern teacher at 2 dance studios. Had a couple of weekly classes for the “end of the year” and I am picking up more for the fall.
  • I had the great experience of performing in a show here called “Kidz: What’s Dance?” It is an annual show put together by dancers in the community who just want more dance going on and the opportunity to perform! It was nice to get back on the stage and work hard for something. I was originally in a fantastic piece which my amazing friend/teacher here asked me to do, and then it expanded into me making my hip hop debut haha. Can’t say I was fantastic, but it was a ton of fun and happy to have an experience working with all international choreographers in a totally new environment.

  • There were also end of semester showings, and workshops and lots going on with that in May/June
  • I was a supervisor for exams at the International School.
  • My cousin Luke was involved in Russ as it was his senior year of high school. It is a graduation ritual that goes on in Norway which involves wearing colored overalls coordinating with the type of school you go to and trying to complete tasks to get knots on the tassel in your hat. These tasks (almost like dares) have to be completed within a certain time frame and are from a list including anything from drinking a shot of tabasco sauce, to raising money for the cancer society, to running around the school naked.

So during all this, it was a bit nuts because Luke was also taking his IB examinations and successfully graduated from High School! Congrats!

Not to mention he almost broke the record at his school for Russ knots without even knowing it lol. So Luke!


  • In June, Chavva (the awesome choreographer teacher friend mentioned above) put together an incredible dance intensive as well. It was a week long intensive with 4 classes a day with teachers from around the globe. There was a lot of sweat and sore muscles that week, and I wish I could do it everyday! Truly inspiring.
  • I am also involved with preparations for the Christmas show at one of the studios, that is a bit like putting the Nutcracker on from scratch. It is a storyline show (can’t disclose the title yet) that results in 8 different shows in 2 days for all the various classes to partake in. Needless to say, there is a lot of up front work to be done, and I am enthusiastically the wardrobe mistress. This involves organizing all the costumes for the actual show (making, ordering, keeping track of) and has most recently included reorganizing the entire costume room(s). Luckily I have a talented mother in the costuming department who does not hang up on me every time I have a question. As those of you involved with Nutcrackers, it will only get busier come September, so don’t be surprised if there are a lot of references to this in the future. I am excited though because I know it will be so great to see the final product on stage and I think the kids will really love it 🙂
  • I have been dog sitting here and there. Most recently playing companion to the one and only Mr. Kobe. The good news about being the only one home is he follows me everywhere and doesn’t mess up the blankets on the couches. Poor guy has had a flare up with his leg injury and is house bound for a couple of weeks. He makes up for it by snuggling extra. Which sounds cute until you are falling off a queen sized bed because no gaps are allowed between the two of you 🙂
  • I turned 25.

So I am at the 5 month mark and going strong. People say that the shock can really hit you around month 3-4 of living in a new place. But I guess because I still know I am moving within a year, I constantly feel like I am just trying to take it all in. And everyday I remain grateful for my Teta and Vuyko who are allowing me to live in their house this long. They always say of course it’s ok, but if I was on the verge of a child free house, I don’t know if I’d immediately be taking a new one in!

Anyways, a week from now I will be in Ukraine, so I hope to do a better job keeping updates! And so excited to meet up with my Mama in a couple of weeks! Missing family and friends back home, but everyone is welcome to visit 😉

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