Paskeferie: Stavanger

Gosh – where to begin… I was hoping to write a lot more sooner, but life has got the best of me. It’s been amazing though. I can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks back since my trip tho! So much to catch up on.

In a nutshell, I am still dancing/teaching a bunch. I am looking forward to performing in a show in June though there is a lot of cardio training to be done for that still 🙂 I’m preparing my own classes for a showing in a couple of weeks. I have officially started as
a sub at the international school, I am also an active dogsitter and babysitter. And whatever else I can muster up in between. It’s good to be busy. Especially before the summer when things slow down a bunch apparently. Although I do feel I will manage to find a way to occupy the time 🙂 I can’t believe May is upon us!!!

I suppose that means I should backtrack then to the easter holidays before I get so ahead of myself there wont be time to go back!

Unfortunately, so far after the experience this may be a tad dry, but enough build up and on to it…

I had a glorious European 2 week holiday for Easter. I had a new friend from Canada who was bold enough to attempt traveling with me. And so the planning began. After reeling in the thoughts of what we could do in 2 weeks, we settled on the realistic but
nonetheless new and exciting combination of Scandinavia and Germany. Realizing that while we could do many things in two weeks, we could not actually do everything we narrowed down the adventure to Stavanger, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Cologne. 6 cities and 4 countries…I’ll take it!

So we began in stavanger, which you have already been hearing so much about. Esentially, Sarah got off the plane and I was asked to sub a couple of classes. We were going to go try to take class anyways, but now I was literally teaching an hour and a half after she got off the plane. So she was a sport and dragged herself to both of my classes. Best cure for jet lag they say! Well it worked for Sarah bc we started then and we basically didn’t stop.

We had an early start on Saturday for a trek up Preikestolen. This was definitely the token item for Stavanger. It was a bit odd and fantastic as we drove down the winding roads (me freaking some car was going to drive me into the sea), united on a new continent after meeting in a ballet class in st Catharines, on our way to hike some cliff, listening to jungle boogie. It’s moments like these that make life so grand and amazing.

There are many odds and ends to each adventure, but on this particular one, I feel there are a lot of pictures to help. So I hope you enjoy the ridiculous amounts of photos of Lysefjord. Trust me, I have only posted a fraction of the same shots taken 20 times over.

Things to mention: there are a lot of
rocks. Seriously it looks like some dumped a bag of rocks and said climb these.
A lot of times the trail is just a suggestion.
If you think you are doing a great job climbing Preikestolen, look at the Norwegian 4 year old passing you on the giant rocks.
If you are going in April, bring ice picks for your shoes- best idea ever!! We had a lot of people compliment this choice as they were slipping on the ice. My favorite tho was when someone called us professionals. I was like, I am not professional and therefore require these not to die.

Well me made it up alright, took effort but was good and well worth the view. We were very lucky to have sun, blue skies, and low winds. When I say lucky, I mean that it snowed, hailed and rained the day after- so also grateful. On the way down we decided to try the alternate route. Turns out this was great for some extra pictures, not so great if you don’t want to add an hour plus to your descent or hike in the snow 🙂 just saying. Also luckily, we made it all the way to the last smidge of the hike before any serious problem occured – i.e. Sarah’s leg slipping into a pile of mud. We had tons of spare clothes so all was well for our ride home and a detour to see the fallen rocks in Bjergsted.

For the rest of sarah’s visit, we spent time nearby the house including walking out to “the monument” in a giant storm. We also spent time downtown and in old Stavanger. Before we knew it, it was Monday night and we were on the overnight train to Oslo…

To be continued (with album of photos from Norway)….

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