Rules and Order

I would never say that Norwegians are up tight or driven by the rules. Yet I have heard many stories and myself experienced that sometimes things are the way they are and no one really questions the protocol.  Let me give you an example….

You have to get a prescription for baby aspirin, but can buy regular aspirin (quadruple the dosage) over the counter? A pretty standard recommendation in North America is that anyone over 50 should consider taking a daily baby aspirin. However, in Norway, if you are taking a baby aspirin it implies you are undergoing care for a previous condition, so they want you to have a prescription from the doctor. Apparently the over the counter stuff “is just for people with headaches.” So what if this whole debacle gives me a head ache, I buy regular aspirin, break it up and take it in smaller doses you say? Also not allowed.


I was asked by someone the other day how they regulate the law that children must be outside for a minimum of 2 hours a day… examples like the one above led me to answer, I’m pretty sure everyone just does it. But I’ll have to look into that one.

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