I’ll be in the sky

After last year’s visit and 6 weeks of driving again here in Norway, I’ve gotten reasonably used to narrow winding roads with no barrier between the road’s edge and well, whatever you think you might need a barrier from. (i.e. fjord, lake, ditch, cliff, giant hole created by blasting…). You get used to yielding to the right and sometimes yielding to everyone even if it is your right of way. I also don’t think I am quite as terrible and squeezing into tiny parking spaces either (we won’t address my inability to back in tho). All that aside, I have to say I had a brand new driving experience today….

If you ever had to simulate driving into the sky, my experience this morning was totally it. I was on the Hafrsfjord Bru on my way to Tananger in crazy thick fog. It’s been rolling in and out for the last week and has been quite a sight.

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