Beginning of the End

They call it the beginning of the end, and that is the point I have hit today with only one week before I am making my final drive to Chennai to catch my flight. It was the first day I had my “last class” with some of the kids. I would like to say it was all magical and uplifting but it wasn’t haha. It’s all about the long term work, and today was no different when it came to having to make kids sit down and remind them why we do not hit each other, and why it is important that we behave a certain way etc. They pulled it together and did well by the end and that was all I could ask for.

What was magical was UKG yesterday. I know I bring them up a lot but they have a special place in my heart. I think it’s because this is our next generation of the program…these are the kids that are starting from step number one and could stay with us for the next 12 years. I walked into class yesterday and they were already in their lines as I passed through the door. As I marvelled over their ability to again surpass my expectations, they all turned raising their hands in salute to say “good mooorNing” as they drag out the or and emphasize the fist n in morning. I was caught off guard with the ability to jump right into class with no chasing around anyone to get in line or having to count down from ten so they would handle their shoes and placement of their bodies faster. We have been doing a follow the leader method and mixing things up to keep them as focused as possible but yesterday, I could have asked these kids to do double tours and they would have (it’s a jump turn in ballet). Ok so maybe that is an overstatement, but they were so together and precise with everything they did I actually (again) found myself on the verge of tearing up at their progress. I pulled it together and moved on with the class as they performed their Christmas number very well with very little help from me. Honestly much better than my mid level classes depending on the day. We added an extra little challenge of skipping in a circle which they have not quite mastered yet, but everything else looked leaps and bounds better that I had to throw them the challenge. THAT was a magical class. but you just can’t plan those moments or expect it because it is the last day of something.

This afternoon I am tackling a complete run thru of our Christmas program….please cross your fingers, or pray, or whatever it is you do, on behalf. I sometimes wonder if I am not asking for a complete failure to have them all together at the same time but it needs to be done and it is raining so what else are they going to do during play time haha. We also have a busy weekend because the show we were supposed to have for the GMs of the Marriotts throughout India got cancelled and now we have a smaller presentation for the Chennai branch on Saturday. That with final rehearsals for next week and having to start packing up will keep me busy busy busy. On that note, I do have to go prep for the rest of the afternoon. I just wanted to stop by with a little write up since I am not 100% when my next post will be.

Looking forward to getting some level of R&R when I return and of course spending time with family and friends for the holidays but I will surely miss this place. Funny enough, I don’t feel finished here. I feel as though I already know I am returning, at least for now that is the thought that consoles me as each day draws to a close.

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