2 weeks left =(

Honestly. I am fried. I need a full nights sleep, a tennis ball, and some brainless activity. But in efforts to accomplish my task here and soak in every last moment, none of the above really seem to be occurring. Being the disciplinarian can be draining and this week proved that to be exceptionally true. I have to keep reminding myself that an agenda is just not feasible here. Multitasking is actually something we joke about, and if you expect something to be done at any particular time…change your expectations. It is teaching me a lot, I will tell you that much, but it would be nice to feel a bit on schedule. And yet, I find myself enjoying every second I can take in and the kids still have a way of perking you up when all you want is a comfy blanket and some memory foam underneath you…..In one of my less glorious moments today after another mini lecture about why we should not be talking in rehearsal, someone started talking again. My response, “and why are we still talking?” the girl next to me goes….”because honesty is the best policy.” I couldn’t help but laugh. Not exactly the right moment for her answer but I am glad she learned the lesson somewhere along the line. It cracked me up. Especially because I just kept thinking of Anchorman when he inaccurately uses the phrase, “when in Rome.”

The draining part about being strict with these kids is that they have already come from such hardship and you only want to give them joy. But as Celina wisely puts it, these kids will push you and some days she finds herself wondering how she can even be here with the way they are behaving. I have to empathize with her as I have witnessed their conniving and extreme disrespect at times. Makes me wonder if the old school ballet teachers didn’t have a reason for how they taught haha. But they are only kids so we trudge through another day taking all of their behaviour (good or bad) and turning it into a lesson so they understand the consequences (also good and bad) of their choices. Seems like a usual way to be brought up and yet without the school system being revamped and Promethean Spark’s methodology in dance class, there is little chance of them learning it otherwise.

On a lighter note, I have been requested to help edit some essays that 10 of the students were asked to write. They are all candidates for university scholarships and they were asked the question, How would you affect the world if you were awarded this scholarship? It has been very moving to read them, and I was touched to be asked to help in the process since this sort of question is exactly the type of thing we are having them think about in dance. Thankfully I will be getting copies of all the final drafts and can hopefully share some =) 

anyways, a late dinner of something inventive is calling my name as is a whole bunch of other to-dos. Really hoping to figure out a way to get my latest photos up since I have spent a lot of time chasing intermittent sunlight and children with their varying schedules to try to get some good dance shots of all of Life Dance Troupe.

One thought on “2 weeks left =(

  1. Interesting thing about discipline isn’t it? Bottom line it is as important as hugs and positive reinforcement. All kids test it but it shows them that some one does care about giving them paremeters. Discipline is the toughest thing for caregiviers and guardians to give children. Doing it correctly and consistantly is one of the most important life lessons you can give a child.

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