Made in India

These are things that in my experience are only relevant/or would happen in India…..

All the kids love to poke my skin and watch it change color bc apparently theirs does not do the same. I had no idea.

As briefly mentioned previously, the cars and vans play music when they reverse. A nice melodic safety feature which reminds me of an Indian ice-cream truck.

“do you know what camping is? No, you don’t go camping. You live in camping”

masala chai. Delicious. Enough said.

At night it sounds like a cd is playing from the symphony created by the frogs.

“I’m going to take some of this. I generally like to eat anything yellow here”
Another day of red rice and yellow sauce.

Learning to pick up straight liquid with your hand and eat it.

Cameron mumbling something about a spoona for rissah and other jargon. Me starring at him in bewilderment and one of the drivers understanding exactly what he meant and showing him what he needed…the rice scoop.

Bobbling your head to say yes, and bobbling your head to say no.

A little boy holding six dragonflies at the same time with the same two fingers…all still alive.

Forgetting you don’t have shoes on when you leave somewhere and that you had them on when you got there.

….I am sure there are more but these were a few from my week that I took extreme notice of. Thought I would share.

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