Leaders For Life

Consider the conditions these kids have come from after reading the previous post, and then read the following.

This week I took all the elements we had learned so far and put them together to make this weeks lesson about leadership. I asked the kids what they thought they should do to act like a leader. The following is a sampler platter of answers from all of my classes:

-no talking when teacher is talking

-do something before you are asked

-have respect for teachers and each other

-believe in yourself

-have patience

-keep trying when something is hard

-reach for your goals

-be focused

-be kind

-help each other

-be good at dance =) (more of a bonus answer lol)

….I think they are grasping the picture

“I believe in myself to be great. I can be great if I choose to be. I can choose to be a leader” – the mantra we have built on the last few weeks.

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