Green Eggs and Ham

I think that the green eggs part of green eggs in ham was definitely invented in India. It is delicious to say the least. Tuesdays I ditch my rice and gleefully eat a big bowl (that I bring with) of green sauce with hardboiled eggs mixed in. I guess I love it because it’s not yellow or rice. And it’s made of spinach! what! yay veggies. Today I literally did a happy dance in line.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanksgiving itself was spent working myself to the ground. I was having an awful time sleeping on top of it so I basically ran myself to complete exhaustion by the weekend. Which worked out in some ways because it forced me to take a day off to celebrate and it was well worth it. The kids were also exhausted and truly needed a day to rest their bodies because the rest of this month will be full steam ahead!

I was finally able to rally Life Dance together enough by the end of the week to continue with classes and not have to walk out as I did earlier from a lack of respect. In fact we finally finished one dance! The other one, fingers crossed will come along but it takes so much focus that last week it was completely shelved. But there is a huge sense of accomplishment in being able to clean one piece and have something to present.

Also, today. I worked on some foot articulations with the kids….what a difference! I have never seen them point their feet like that in 6 weeks. I think we found the week’s theme. Makes them look so much more professional. Combined with the work we have done with straight knees, they look like new people since I got here.

Back tracking a bit…..Saturday, since I told everyone they had to rest, I followed suit (with work in my travel bag) and headed out with the volunteer crew. There is a family in Chennai with a beautiful house that offered to let us stay there over the weekend…and use their pool. Well Saturday was pouring rain so we went ahead with the alternate plan of going to Pondicherry. I was happy to go see anything new even if I was zonked. It was a pretty good day of walking around, eating some delicious veggies, getting mobbed by a group of women also in sarees, warding off vendors, and the like. We got to Chennai early enough to catch the Chronicles of Narnia on the Disney channel, and some work on our laptops while we watched (well Bekah and I anyways, everyone else was full on chillaxing)

Sunday, after church we went to the famous Marriott Sunday Buffet. what the what. The only bad part is we were all sad our stomachs had shrunk since being here and we couldn’t eat half as much as we were hoping for. but it was delicious! even if my body rejected the overdose. I wore my new cheridar also and got stopped by ladies and men alike to tell me how super it was haha. Guess I picked a nice one?

At least through all the random pit stops, I am almost done my Christmas Shopping =) Now if only it felt even remotely like Christmas season lol. Ok no I’m not complaing. It was 86 today and I had my flannel shirt on this morning. I think I can deal with warmth a little longer….can’t imagine it being freezing right now!

Unfortunately, when I got back to RSO I found out some sad news from home about someone who passed away and another who was in the hospital post stroke. Kinda put a damper on things. Just in the sense that I wished I could have been there to show my support. But alas, I am across the world. At the very least, the children were able to cheer me up tremendously as their spirits keep on ticking no matter what. They are always so encouraging and wonderful to learn from. Oh on another dull note, my iPod is also with the angels now. I don’t want to talk about it. But the kids were really sweet (partially bc they touch it enough it could have been their fault) and they decided to pray for my iPod to come back to life. Unfortunately no reincarnation has yet occurred so I think their efforts may have been lost on that one. It’s the thought that counts right? =0/ working on alternate solutions as we speak.

Yesterday, I also went to Bethal Nagar on my trip to the colonies. What a surprising day. They were not exceptionally responsive to the dancing last time aside from one man. This week however, we were treating for 3 hours straight and there was a huge group of people in line. Bekah wanted to do washing yesterday since it was her last time, so I was on BP and randomness. Totally worked out bc for a while the BP machine died (maybe mercury is in retorgrade or something) and we had to wait for new batteries. I took advantage and was able to get a decent number in our group to dance along with me with simple movements. Some people would try to complain they could no longer dance with their legs but we practiced movements with their head and arms that they were happy to try. My favorite dancer is the guy with the prosthetic legs on crutches who rocks out. He was so happy to have me come over and everyone kept differing me to him if they were embarrassed to try. There was also a man I had not met (in many of the photos) who heard I was a dancer and full on sang his heart out while epically moving his arms in all directions with me. He cracked me up like no other. Absolutely looking for the spotlight at all times. I imagine you can gather a sense of it as you look through the photos especially after receiving his new shirt from Bekah. It was really fun time at the colony with lots of energy going around.

At night I was over in every room at the hostel to practice the Rising Star song with the kids. We had a lot of fun playing games and sharing photos in between so it turned into a long but gratifying night. Seriously, I can’t get over how amazing some of these kids are. They surprise me daily. And unfortunately for me, I am getting more and more attached. Especially with the events at home, I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone. I just wish that I could still be here on weekends or something. It will be a difficult departure indeed. BUT! back to class prep….still have things to accomplish before any goodbyes.


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