leaving will blow

Things Megala said to me today:

You told me the other day that sometimes you want to vomit but if you are telling a happy story you may need to smile on stage…..I was thinking of this today while you were teaching because you were sick….guess I jinxed myself on that one haha. She had asked me a question and I was trying to explain the saying, the show must go on.


Melana, I have been thinking how blessed I am to meet you. You have taught me so many things. Like confidence and about hope.

What! how am I supposed to leave after something like that. And on top of it Joseph has been asking me every day when I am coming back and gets really sad. It has now progressed to you are coming back next year right? AH! although I was brainstorming today about timelines for possibly returning, even as just a volunteer or something. I pretty much have to come back. I can’t imagine not. btw have I mentioned that Joseph’s full name is Joseph Stalin? haha. he is definitely a leader, I will tell you that much. I still have no concept of how his parents came about deciding that would be a good name for a child. But he is a sweetheart and stands out for his leadership and dedication.

AND! so strange but sweet. All the kids in 3rd standard and the teacher thanked me for giving them the award this week. Like I had done some sort of service to the community that is 3rd standard. I was like you are very welcome, you worked very hard for it and each week you will have to try even harder to get it again! (insert excessive nodding from children and many “yes Auntie”s) so cute, and I am glad they took it seriously.

Man leaving is going to blow.

Good news is we might all splurge and have a thanksgiving dinner at the Marriot buffet on Sunday 🙂 plans to be announced, The Marriot is like a legend around here though.

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