Kids say the darndest things :)

So I was sorting through dance homework and thought I would highlight some exceptional answers, and some just plain cute ones…

I like dance because….

…I like dance. I like dance so so much. I like dance too much. I love dance! -Jehi 4th

…my mom tell you is good. Dance very well boy. -name to be deciphered…1st standard

….i like dance. I can move and shake myself (im guessing they were referring to their dance to shake my sillies out last semester haha) -this answer came up a lot…i think they worked together on that one…1st standard

…the steps like me. – G. Archana 1st

one thing i have learned in dance…..(keep in mind that many write just that they like dance)

….reaching, stretching, clapping, moving. i love dance. -Jehi 4th

What do you want to do better in dance?

…No smiling. because we can lose the step. (funny because this little girl is a ball of energy and always laughing and does in fact get distracted by her own happiness sometimes)-boogie/vijayalakshmi 6th

…I want to do dance better…because use in my life, I will go to other school, I will teach that dance. The teacher ask me, where do you do well, I will(say), I (do)well in R.S.O. -Priyanka 7th

…I want to learn better in dance. I think this because I learn so many movements and moving every part in my heart.  -Shankerveevan 9th

What do you do well in Dance?…

…I do balance well in dance because I am able to focus -Anitha 5th

…I do isolation well in dance. I think this because we have focus in our eyes and it looks funny (we make them do hip isolations and they think it’s hilarious lol) -G. Logeshwari 8th

Why do we dance?

…We dance for strength and energy. We dance for others, for smiling. and we can dance to be honest. – Vijayalakshmi 6th

…We dance for teach to other children. I dance to the world. I dance and make other children happy. -Shalini 6th

…We dance to make our body healthy and strong. It helps us to forget our bad things and it make our mind free. It will not raise the blood pressure. If I make any mistakes, Please forgive me. (this might be my fav). -Manodhaya 8th

…We dance for our health, good, kindly, love, patience, sharing, and helping, we can learn. for that only we do dance. I love dance class very much. (gold star) -Shankerveevan 9th

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