a hint of genius

I have plenty to write about this week but have not managed to do so just yet. hoping to force myself into sometime off on Sunday and spend part of it catching up for those of you who are still kindly following. More briefly I wanted to jot down a few things that happened this week with the kids. Jamie calls it a log for moments when they are brilliant =) I like that. After a month I am seeing so many little things that are starting to change in the students, it may not seem like much on the outside but they are huge when you are part of the progression….

This week there was a class where everyone was a bit vocal about how hard something was. So I asked LDT what besides a dance step was hard for them. Most of them started listing school subjects or topics. And here, once someone says one answer that seems suitable they all follow along. There is a huge issue with conformity and not coming up with your own answers here. plagiarism is clearly does not get you kicked out of school like it would at home lol. In any case, all of a sudden Megala answers, “Reaching Goals”. My jaw dropped a little. and thus we built the lesson from there. Alas, a hint of genius.

On Wednesday, I was walking some of the girls back to the hostel and was asking them what they liked learning in school: one girl answers, I like math because it makes us use our minds and not just remember what the teacher said. what? that’s awesome.

Today in open class, One girl said she didn’t want to do something because it was hard. So I said, class what do when something is hard….

-have patience


-keep trying until it gets easier


-never give up

…needless to say she joined us in trying the step, and did so successfully =)

This week second standard remembered to turn to the back during our stretches. there is a part where they have to twist and even though they mirror me for everything else, facing back is beyond their scope of mirroring abilities it seems lol. Well this week not only could they do it when I asked but they faced the back during the exercise without me having to stop!

The boys in Life Dance have come everyday. Not to mention with a new commitment to the rules and class aside from choreography.

And almost all of the upper classes have asked for extra rehearsals on the Holiday and Saturday this week. Works for me!

AND! the topper on the cake. 3rd Standard (which my first week with Jamie we had to make almost all the boys sit down and not dance because of their behaviour) got the dance award this week for being the class to be best behaved and grasp the lessons.

To be continued…..

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