Rainy season

today was the first day I have not seen the sun. Rainy season up until now means that after lunch it pours and is on and off again the rest of the day. And actually there had been no rain for 3 days until yesterdays rain started and has not stopped yet. I nearly forgot what overcast was really like. well we’ll see if it stays like this or if it goes back. I’m hoping for the sun to come back. Its cool enough to wear a jacket outside right now. its weird.

I haven’t written much bc it’s been super busy on my own. a day in the life entails:

getting up, working out, prepping my classes, teaching teaching teaching, documenting, rehearsing in the evenings, choreographing, and running around for all the little things in between like keys from this person, talking to this person, finding the scheduling changes over here, and chasing my students down over there. Things overall have been going pretty well, steady improvements weekly. And some of the classes are truly surpassing all expectations. However, with limited time, I wish we had a little more substance for our Christmas show at this point….

Lesson learned: you can not have an agenda in India and plan to stick to its deadlines.

It will all come together. I just see so much potential in all of the kids, and if they are focused, they can move mountains. But we will end up where we end up in another month. That’s why it’s an ongoing program lol. I’m sure we will have a stellar show no matter what. It’s just been exam week for the kids, so it’s been slightly less productive on the dance end than I obviously anticipated. sometimes you just gotta throw up your hands, and pick up with the next class or rehearsal. That is what I did this morning, and already have had a much more progressive day with the classes I’ve had. It’s reassuring when you can see the changes in them.

other than that….not much else has been going on. researching Tamil songs is an art form I’ve realized and I finally have selections for the program. and I need to stop eating rice. I’m pretty sure I’m gaining weight. Seems absurd. But Rebekah also lost weight in Italy, and is gaining here. I’m blaming it on the rice, even though I am trying to eat it sparingly. There seems to be a stomach bug going around….maybe I just need some of that haha. Joking Shaun! I know if I get sick, it’s no good bc then there is no one to teach the kids!

Will try to follow up with a more substantial blog soon…maybe at least mention the types of things we’ve been working on in class….but for the moment…..gotta run! (or sing and dance in the rain???) toodles.

2 thoughts on “Rainy season

  1. That was such a mama moment. I was joking. I have managed to avoid all of the other illnesses sweeping through. The kids get something new every couple of weeks. Don’t worry. I wash my hands too much and drink emergen-c and only the good drinking water.

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