my knees!

so there are two moments today that in contention for funniest moment of the trip….

This morning I woke up around 7 am which is late. I desperately had to go to the washroom but wasn’t thinking that it would be any different then when I usually get up to go around 5 ish. Ok TMI. anyways! I had slept in my boxer shorts and thought nothing of it in my groggy state until I open the door a crack and hear Vel’s voice from next door because he was working out. I instantly woke up and slammed the door shut. The first thing I had thought in my head was…”he’s going to see my knees!”

That was a new one for me.

Well I wanted to check in since I am headed to Delhi and Agra for the Holiday this weekend.

Classes yesterday were exceptional. Today, well…i meantioned how chaos was part of India right? haha. Ok maybe not entire chaos but definitely, and unfortunately, had to pull out the discipline and then fun aspect of our teaching today. Surprisingly we managed to get through a lot of material but definitely a bit of a challenge to get things started. Whereas yesterday the classes were nearly angelic, 6th standard I even tought all by myself. Hoping for a fun day with the kids tomorrow.

Last night, 4 of the girls spent their stars (that they earn for good behavior) on a girls night at the elephant house (which is the volunteer hostel). So Jamie, Rebekah, and I had popcorn and cookies for them, painted nails, and they chose to watch the Barbie movie. There were apparently a lot of sign ups for girls night so we have another night for the other girls next Tuesday lol. Barbie movies are way more twisted and complex than one would think. And again we thought it was pretty funny at our instinctive response of “this is totally inappropriate!” when Barbie and Ken looked longingly at each other and touched forearms. dirty dirty. New york should be a culture shock when I get back haha.

Tonight, we had a going away dance party for the kids before Jamie’s departure. We were hoping to let them all have their turn at dancing but it was seriously turning into a mosh pit. SO! we decided that we would only dance for them. Which they loved. Thank goodness because Jamie and I agreed we could only improv for so long while trying to keep everything PG lol. limited sequential motions! so I tried to stick to ballet haha. But we danced for them, and one of the house mothers that does traditional Indian dance got up and then we had Life Dance perform one of their numbers. It was fun, and hearing them all say goodbye to Jamie was heart breaking. I can’t imagine how I will feel in 7 more weeks. I think its 7 anyways. It feels like I have just gotten here and like it has been months at the same time.

well….I welcome week 3….and pretty excited for Delhi! of course working on all the choreo along the way =)

2 thoughts on “my knees!

  1. Just realized I never mentioned the other funny thing….in Life Dance one of the boys who is a total ham and looking for the spotlight at all times found a bandaid and decided to please Jamie and I by using it to seal his mouth shut. If you had a chance to meet Vimal Kanth you would find this as hilarious as we did.

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