Further details to come, but I did want to at least check in. Our last three days teaching have been extremely busy so I have not had time to write, or if there was time, I most definitely fell asleep on my computer. At least its been cooler. And when I say cooler, I mean like summer at home. But I’ve definitely had long sleeves on. Man is Christmas in the Niagara region going to be a wake up call for me haha.

The last three days have honestly been focused just on teaching and all of the things that Jamie and I need to get done by the end of this week, and before she leaves next Wednesday! I am going to miss her! she has been wonderful to learn from, and I will definitely have my hands full with out her.

There are so many things I can say about each class, as they all have their own personalities and theirs ups and downs. However, tonight, I think I will just tell you about one of my favorite groups from the get go. UKG. which is basically kindergarten here. They are a bit too young for our full program however, we have decided to still integrate them into the system. I just have to say, they are truly the most precious things I have ever seen. When they saw us coming to their classroom, they literally squirmmed with excitement for dance time. Their little round faces simply glow with life and they are just happy the whole time. So free spirited and joyful. And watching them play is equally wonderful. The imagination they have and the games they come up with are hysterical at times. They very few things….their clothes, their blankets, a few stuffed animals…..and these things can transform for them constantly. The other night I was over at the girls hostel were they wrapped their blankets around themselves like saris and danced traditional dances for me. In the background there was some sort of stuffed bear trampoline circus and many many cries of “auntie, auntie!” from every direction. I also think I got fake kidnapped and my sentence was to dance haha. They are just too cute. And their smiles are infectious. My face literally hurt for a couple of days from how much one smiles here. If there was one good hurt, that would definitely be it.

But its off to another day in the colonies, so I will have to write more later.

Thanks to all who are reading!!!!

p.s. super is the title bc it is highly used here. eveything is super lol

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