Rolex clocks and luxery cars

First stop…Dubai.

I managed to have a fairly cushy flight on Emirates with a seat free next to me, lots of movies, and 13 hours of no internet/phone. kind of brilliant, minus the swollen ankles. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that I will be in India in the next 6 ish hours. I mean it has, because I’ve been immersed in the thought since I found out 10 days ago. BUT not in that oh my goodness I am in India!!! kind of way. Give me til customs. I promise you I will be so bouncy people will think I didn’t get to pee the whole flight. I guess I just need to stay calm for now, since I can only go as quickly as the plane will take me. Which I might add is pretty freaking fast. I am continually amazed at the fact that I can get on a plane, watch some movies, sleep a bit, and wake up on the other side of the planet. Pretty incredible. And the feeling of experiencing it, well, you should just try it. It’s pretty freaking cool.

So that is enough jibber jabber, I will hopefully have much more fascinating posts when I have left airport world and started the bulk of my adventure. However, Dubai is pretty cool on its own so I will leave you with a list of things you can do in the Emirates terminal on a 7 hour lay over…

shower (pretty awesome)

buy anything to do with a camel

shop around for your newest kettle, iron, or blender

shop around for pretty much anything actually (Ferrari everything, golf clubs, fitness gear, anything duty free under the sun)

win a car

fall asleep in a Starbucks sofa chair

marvel at the mini forest in the food court

get lots of dates (which are delicious here and the national fruit? yes i think that’s right)

attempt to get your circulation back before your connecting flight

….ok yeah maybe I should get to the teaching kids life skills part….wayyy more exciting haha.

And very quickly. I just want to thank everyone again, that has helped with the fundraising thus far…We are halfway there! Please pass the link along to help us get the rest of way.

Boarding time!!!! yay! time to get to Chennai and start what I have actually set out to do =) Please stay in touch everyone!

peace, love, rock and roll

3 thoughts on “Rolex clocks and luxery cars

  1. You continue to amaze me! Have a wonderful, wondrous experience. I will have to settle for living vicariously through your youthful, free, adventerous adventures!

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